Award Criteria


Projects can be of varying scales, from the design of a small unit or building scale to an urban complex or master plan. Submitted drawings should clearly define and demonstrate outcomes and how the project makes a significant contribution to the practice of architecture and urban design in terms of innovative design, use of technology, sustainability and energy and urban spaces.

Entries should explain, with the support of sketches and drawings where appropriate, how the design solution addresses the following elements of the practice of architecture for current development trends and issues that will likely become more important in the future (e.g. climate change, resource efficiency, changes in economic activities, changes in ways of doing business, changes in modes of transport):



Use of technology


Innovation in building & urban design

Health and

Commercial or cultural  identity


Entries are not disclosed or discussed outside the judging process. We do not publish the names of universities or individuals that have not been shortlisted the awards. Therefore, if you enter the awards, but are not successful, this will remain confidential.

The organisers reserve the right to use information contained in the shortlisted entries (apart from contact details and any content marked not for publication) for subsequent publicity, promotions and other activities relating to the competition.