Farhad Azizi | CEO, Azizi Developments

An industry veteran with over a decade of management experience in banking, construction, oil & gas, and hospitality, Farhad Azizi is the Chief Executive Officer of Azizi Developments and Vice Chairman of the Azizi Group.

A business strategist and management expert, Farhad has an exemplary track record in project implementation and has substantially contributed to the long-term value of the organisation. With his customer-centric mindset and strong business insights, he has positioned Azizi Developments as a leading developer in the region.

Farhad is responsible for the company’s overall operation and management and has been the driving force behind the strategy, guidance, and direction of the managerial team. Bringing out the best from his team through his inspirational leadership style, he has been instrumental in instituting management best practices.

Under his leadership, Azizi Developments has emerged as one of the leading property developers in the region that deliver world-class, integrated, residential destinations which assure significant return on investment and yield. He is also driving the company’s expansion — strengthening international investments in property — and growing the Azizi footprint to high-growth, international markets through 200 of the company’s current projects.

Farhad subscribes to the need for trust and transparency between developer and investor, evident in the respect that Azizi Developments receives from clients and stakeholders.

With his in-depth insights on market trends and future forecasting, he has introduced innovative approaches covering sales, marketing, and project management that not only create value for customers but also drive organisational efficiency by optimising the use of resources.

Reshaping the dynamics of community living with a focus on resident wellness, Farhad’s hands-on approach to project development is driven by a customer-first strategy and an emphasis on leveraging next-generation technologies to achieve service excellence, backed by on-time project delivery.

The eldest child of Mirwais Azizi, Founder and Chairman of Azizi Group, Farhad is also a promoter of Azizi Bank and has served as a member of the board for Afghanistan Islamic Bank  

Farhad is a true global citizen, holding dual citizenship from Afghanistan and Germany and raising a multicultural family.