Majida Ali Rashid began her career at the Ministry of Public Works in Dubai and joined DLD in 2007. She still works for the department today, serving as Senior Manager of Planning and Organisational Development, Strategic Advisor, and Assistant Director General and Head of the Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Center.

Majida holds a BA in Business Administration from the Ajman University of Science and Technology with Honours. She is also the first Emirati woman to hold a Master’s Degree in Real Estate field from the University of Hull, UK with Honours. In 2010, she received a degree from the Dubai Real Estate Institute — the educational arm of DLD — as the first certified Emirati female trainer to offer various courses in the fields of real estate investment, leadership and government innovation.

Majida represents one of DLD’s most prominent female leaders and is always keen to empower and support women in the department, and adopt new ideas, innovations and talents. Her team organises ongoing workshops to build sustainable bridges and exchange knowledge and creative ideas.

In 2010, Majida took on the role of Head of The Real Estate Investment and Promotion Center to encourage and manage real estate investment through the investment arm of the DLD, which initiated a plan of action in order to encourage investment through the provision of advisory services and diversity. This continues to help various parties in the sector to identify opportunities for real estate investment, providing the most important real estate portfolios in those markets. One of her most important achievements through the Center was her proposal to oversee the establishment of the first sustainable urban real estate centre in the MENA region and issue sustainability standards across the Middle East to support the green economy.

In 2018, the Executive Council appointed her as CEO of the Real Estate Promotion and Investment Management Sector at DLD. 

Majida is keen on creating tools and initiatives that attract foreign capital and the best minds to Dubai, supporting the Emirate to become the ideal destination for living, working and investing. Her initiatives have been competitive in Dubai. She oversaw the creation of the ‘Tanmia’ initiative, which was awarded the 2012 Creative Idea Award from the Dubai Government Excellence Programme. The initiative also tackled filtering projects in the real estate market, generated over AED 12 billion, and contributed 4% of the national income in the real estate sector. Majida contributes significantly to promoting Dubai’s real estate sector by using every possible effort to boost local real estate investment by leveraging worldwide investment opportunities.

Majida added to her list of achievements when she won one of the region’s most prestigious awards, the ‘Innovative Leader’ category at the Dubai Government Excellence Programme, in 2015. She also won during the 16th Middle East Women Leaders Excellence Awards and was honoured at the celebration of

International Women's Day in conjunction with the conclusion of the 19th International Conference of Women Leaders in 2016.

Majid was ranked on the list of the ‘World's 100 Most Powerful Arab Women’ in the annual rating from Arabian Business publication for three consecutive years in 2015, 2016, and 2017, as well as Forbes Middle East’s list of the ‘Most Powerful Arab Women 2015’ and ‘Most Powerful Arab Women in MENA in the Construction Sector’.

In 2014, Majida was selected as ‘Female CEO of the Year’ at the CEO Middle East Awards. The award was bestowed in recognition of Majida’s significant role in developing the functions and operations of the Investment Management and Promotion Center. Majida has also received the Emirates Women Award (EWA), which she collected under the scheme’s ‘Strategic & Financial Planning’ category.