Cityscape Arena

The Cityscape Summit will take place over two days at the Cityscape Arena and the Cityscape Intelligence Live Sessions on 16th - 17th November 2020 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.  It will cover the biggest issues driving real estate development and investment on a macro-economic level around the globe, with a special focus on the MENA region: UAE, KSA, Oman, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain. 

The Cityscape Arena talks will put the biggest issues under the spotlight; Looking at how cities, investors and the real estate industry can mitigate risks, what the road to recovery looks like for the real estate industry, how we can learn from challenges, how the pandemic changed the industry, and what new opportunities are in store for us over the next few years. 

Day 2 will see architects and designers take the stage floor in the morning whilst the afternoon sessions are dedicated to technology, AI and proptech. 

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Cityscape Welcome Address

Chris Speller, Cityscape Group Director, Informa Markets


In Conversation with series…

Q&A with leading UAE government figures


Economy: Global & local response

Presentation: How unprecedented disruption has affected
markets across the world 


In Conversation with: District 2020, The future of smart cities

Smart cities: The future of smart logistics, smart mobility in the city of tomorrow


Institutional investing in the time of COVID

Panel discussion:

From aligning physical spaces with the demands of an emerging workforce to rethinking newly

in-demand assets, commercial real estate companies are well-positioned to capitalise on these trends?

But what are the risks involved?

How will investors re-examine their strategies post COVID-19? Data centres, healthcare and pharma


How are Blue Chip companies adapting to ESG considerations?

With new regulations forcing blue chip companies to incorporate ESG objectives, how will ESG goals fast-track for companies

Challenges and opportunities in the UAE

Investors looking to incorporate ESG investment strategies

What needs to be done in the UAE 


Future office: Why the commercial sector needs to do more than just adapt


Re-opening the Workplace. What a globally enforced experiment in working from home means for offices of the future

What does commercial office space look like in a COVID-world

Multinational companies downsizing 


Presentation: Is the retail sector losing its luster for investors?

Accelerating trends that are changing the makeup of most of the traditional real estate sectors

Occupiers’ flexibility

Brick & Mortar and its place in the future of retail 


Presentation: The 2020 game changer: Industrial & Warehousing Logistics

Delivering sustainable warehouse in industrial areas

What has the rise of ecommerce and COVID meant for this sector

How is the UAE and KSA poised to grow?

What about on-demand warehousing and pop-up warehousing?

What IT infrastructure is needed for this sector to grow?


Reshaping Cities: 2020’s twin crisis pandemics & climate crisis

How is the pandemic and the climate crisis shaping the future of design for

What are some of the challenges?

Is the industry slow to change?

What is being done in the Middle East?


Raj Patel, Senior Associate, Architecture Design Director, Middle East, Gensler


Rapid Transformation: Taking on the year’s greatest challenge. How is the industry adapting? 


Future proofing architecture design standards during challenging times


In conversation with: What next for retail & hospitality in design?


Redefining the concept of smart cities post-pandemic

Can smart city technology prove able to mitigate the effects of pandemics?

How can cities be more resilient? Are cities in the MENA region rethinking their smart city approach to incorporate pandemic preparedness?


Big Data AI  & Tech: Driving asset performance 


Maximising property values through proptech 


Tech-enabled future in the management of buildings and communities

Note:  Due to limited capacity, the Cityscape Summit is by invitation only. To register your interest, please use the registration link above to submit your details. Our team will then conisder your application and get in touch with you once you have been shortlisted.