Associate Director - Structures, Buro Happold Consulting Engineers Ltd.

With nearly 15 year of professional experience in the building industry, Christopher’s career has exposed him to a variety of projects ranging in complexity and reaching the different corners of the world. Having delivered projects in Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, East Africa, India, Dubai and the United States his international appreciation towards engineering is valued on almost every project he engages in. Aware of the industry adage, ‘Buildings inherently don’t want to get built’, often the greatest asset that he brings is the ability to induce momentum and energy combined with practical problem solving abilities into the projects he takes on. This is best characterized in the actual number of realized projects Christopher has legitimately contributed to.

Christopher is the Engineering Services Director for BuroHappold Engineering, Dubai Office. His current role focuses on managing multidisciplinary teams within the office towards the delivery of world class projects. The Dubai office is an independent, international, award winning engineering hub with a reputation, built up over the last 35 years, for delivering creative, value led building and city solutions for an ever changing region. With the ever accelerating technical developments afforded by computational design, Christopher strives to sit at the cutting edge of the industry and ensure the local market is keeping up with the global trends.  

Most recently, Christopher completed the design delivery of the Museum of the Future in Dubai, and is currently heavily involved in a sculpture intended to further distinguish the already recognizable Dubai Marina skyline. Christopher received his bachelor’s degree from the McGill University in Montreal, Canada and a Master’s degree from MIT in Cambridge, US. He is a member of Professional Engineers in the State of Massachusetts.