Advisor to the Chairman, Azizi Development

Nigel is a Chartered Architect at the Royal Institute of British Architects.  Nigel has been a proactive designer for change in the Region and on the International stage of Development.  Nigel has been placed in the Middle East Architects top 100 on numerous occasions and placed in the Power 50 of the Middle East.  Nigel's Accolade includes having been a Judge for the International World Architecture News awards 2017 and he has been guest speaker at international and regional symposiums.

Nigel has worked on Wellness Resort Planning in the UAE and brings the knowledge of the key issues of integrating Wellness into physical buildings through specification matching and the level of integration to make projects Wellness Certified yet feasible in the market place.

Nigel has been decisive in creating mixed use developments internationally that focus on creating “Places for People” and believes that the key to considerate development should empower the culture and the needs of the customer and identify their needs in the cities in which they live.

Nigel believes that developing our cities should create true sustainability through both innovation and through creating Space Syntax that places developments at the heart of the city making use of existing infrastructure and enforcing the idea of the “walkable city”, which also creates micro economies based on population density, in turn making cities more usable yet more profitable for both federal governments and developers in turn and creating true communities.