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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has enhanced all industries, including real estate. While the uptake is slow in some areas, certain key digital technologies are disrupting the industry and revolutionising development. This conference has been designed to illustrate how and why technology is being implemented in our industry. Covering game-changing topics, hear experts speak about the latest innovations and explain the reasons why digital transformation is the future of real estate.

Conference Topics

1. How technology is changing real estate.

2. Understanding the full life cycle and within all the asset classes.

3. Proptech – one dedicated session.

4. Case studies and start-ups.

5. Embracing the change.

6. Challenges and opportunities for start-ups.

7. Global trends.

8. Sustainability initiatives.

9. Using technology to achieve sustainable outcomes.

10. Digital twins: what are the benefits?

11. The potential with analytics.

12. Innovative constructions with 3D printing and mapping and VR.