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Smart Cities for Tomorrow

The concept of the smart city is based on cities that are adopting new approaches to planning, policies, management, design, operations, infrastructure and beyond. Worldwide, governments are beginning to understand the requirements for smart city development and are looking to invest in innovative solutions to better accomplish their goals. The long-term development goal is to elevate the standard of living, while seamlessly incorporating technology into city living and obtaining true sustainability.

The Smart Cities for Tomorrow track at Cityscape Global will comprehensively cover the approach to developing smart cities, from top to bottom. See the total picture from the policies and governance required to put the necessary infrastructure in place, to the overall design and how everything fits together. Join this track to learn more from the experts, hear successful case studies and network with people from around the world.

Conference Topics

Session 1: Policies & regulation

  • The making of a smart city
  • Trends in smart city governance
  • Foundational policies and regulatory frameworks
  • The necessity of the multi-disciplinary approach

Session 2: Infrastructure

  • Smart buildings
  • Smart mobility
  • Smart health
  • The role of IoT

Session 3: Design

  • How to design a smart city
  • Sustainability
  • Frameworks for effective design thinking
  • The role of architecture