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Prior to the pandemic, the industrial sector was on the rise, but now post-pandemic, its growth is exponential. With increasing numbers of retailers and delivery operators needing immediate access to their goods, warehouses and last-mile logistics centres are in high demand. Despite the challenges of rising interest rates and inflation, the industrial sector proved to be one of the most lucrative commercial real estate performers in 2022.

Learn from the best in the business at the Industrial Real Estate track of the Property Portfolio Forum. Listen as expert speakers shine a spotlight on the latest trends and innovations in the industry, including:

  • Circular economy initiatives
  • Technology implementation
  • Building resiliency


Plus, hear from Saudi government officials as to how they are harnessing their country's location in the Gulf to transform their transport and logistics industries into key contributors to GDP.

With interactive presentations, real-world case studies, and the opportunity to network with fellow sector stakeholders, the Industrial Real Estate track is not to be missed.

Conference Topics

1. A review of the top trends the industry is moving towards and how organisations can adapt to the next wave of transformation.

2. Strategies to make our people, processes, technology, and finances more resilient in our post-COVID world.

3. The current risks that exist in the market indicating a slower, future growth trajectory, and what investors and occupiers need to look out for.

4. A look at decarbonisation and how the real estate industrial sector can collaborate to realise their sustainability goals.

5. Ways the industry can leverage digital technologies, meet stakeholders’ needs and maximise shareholder value.

6. Why a circular economy is a viable opportunity for industrial stakeholders.

7. How KSA can achieve its goals of being an industrial hub in the MENA region, and attract occupiers.