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Retail & Commercial

Unlock the secrets of the retail and commercial industry at the Property Portfolio Forum. The Retail & Commercial track is the perfect platform to access the latest trends and opportunities in the market. Hear experts share their insights on mixed-use environments, sustainable growth, and consumer behaviour, and learn new strategies for developing and managing retail and commercial properties.

With a dual focus on innovative business concepts and designing spaces for the future, this track will inspire and equip attendees with a roadmap for success, deliver key insights and provide networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Conference Topics

1. The future of the retail and commercial industry.

2. How developers are attracting international retailers to KSA.

3. How retrofitting stranded assets - such as offices and retail outlets to create mixed use environments - is proving to be economical and sustainable.

4. A review of how governments are working with investors to attract inward investments.

5. How the changing consumer models are impacting the industry.

6. Strategies to make offices still in the dominant segment among investor portfolios more attractive for employees and companies to return to, post-pandemic.