10 - 13 September 2023

Riyadh Exhibition & Conference Centre

Why Saudi Arabia

Why is Saudi Arabia the chosen location for Cityscape Global 2023?

Driving local and foreign investment, digital transformation and sustainability within the Kingdom are a few of the objectives that make up the blueprint of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and a few of the pillars that sit under the National Transformation Program (NTP).

Saudi Arabia is a natural next home for Cityscape, as it turns the spotlight on these three major pillars and its significance in the real estate sector in the country and illustrate how they coalesce and actively work together towards Saudi Arabia’s primary goals and objectives.

In recent years, the real estate market in Saudi Arabia has grown exponentially, opening the region up to large-scale foreign and domestic investment. As KSA continues to make strides in this space, it’s essential that investors know where the most advantageous investment opportunities lie so that they can begin to tap into these.

  • Attract foreign and local investment
  • FDI target of USD 100 billion by 2030
  • Open dialogues around real estate transparency
  • Develop economic ties with the region beyond GCC
  • Improve global economic ties

This has driven huge financial investments committed in key Real Estate developments, new cities, cultural, giga projects and hospitality hubs, and a CAGR of more than 9.74% during 2022 - 2027. This growth will drive significant local investment in real estate, as well as a growing FDI of Saudi nationals.