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Better Stands

At Cityscape Global, we are constantly working to raise the level of awareness around sustainability and improve our own event sustainability practices. This involves;

  • Education
  • Measurement
  • The development of sustainable standards

Running a sustainable event is our key priority, and to reduce the environmental impact of our events, we formed the Better Stands programme, to help encourage and implement sustainable exhibition stands. We invite you to join us on this journey towards delivering the best exhibition experience to our customers, lowering stand waste and costs, whilst simultaneously having a positive impact on the wider world.


Better quality. Better safety. Better time efficiency. Better sustainability.

Our Plan:


  • Support our exhibitors to move away from the use of disposable exhibition stands
  • Ensure thet all core elements are constructed in a way that can be reused


What will improve?

  • Better quality stands and improved experience
  • Significantly reduced waste and carbon footprint
  • Create a safer working environment on-site


How will this benefit you?

  • Smoother and more efficient stand build and breakdown
  • Highlight the sustainability credentials for your brand
  • Lower working hours and stand build costs


How is Cityscape Global processing this?

  • Work with you to find a solution that will fit your needs
  • Promoting reusable stands and start prohibiting disposable builds
  • Ensure stands are made from sustainable materials


What will the exhibitors need to do?

  • Make sure your contractors follow the better stands regulations, listed on your contract
  • Read through the Better Stands tips as part of the sales contract

Contact the sales team to discuss sustainable participation opportunities in 2023