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Saudi Arabia: the natural fit for Cityscape Global

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is changing world’s opinion of what is achievable within the real estate sector by embracing:









With its vibrant society and thriving economy, the ambitious nation of Saudi Arabia is a natural fit for Cityscape Global.

These three key pillars form the foundation of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and sit firmly within the National Transformation Program (NTP). Serving as a blueprint that encompasses unique transformative economic and social reform, Saudi is ready to open up to the world.

In recent years, the real estate market in Saudi Arabia has grown exponentially, attracting large-scale foreign and domestic investment. Home to some of the most ambitious giga-projects anywhere in the world, Saudi is the driving force for the next generation property sector. As the Kingdom continues to make strides in this space, it is essential that investors know where the most advantageous investment opportunities lie.

Cityscape Global is the ultimate stage to showcase the remarkable transition that is the future of Saudi Arabia and the Future of Living.

Population 35 million GDP $820 Billion, 50% private sector contribution


60% of Saudi Arabia’s population is below the age of 35


$2 Trillion public investment fund’s assets under management up from $160


1.5 million new housing units to be built by 2030


Home to world’s GIGA real estate projects


$98 Billion non-oil government revenue up from $43 Billion in 2019


70% - Home ownership target by 2030 from a baseline of 47% today


Gross domestic product per capita stands at $23,763 per year