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With Vision 2030 as its blueprint, Saudi Arabia is striding ahead as the Middle East’s largest economy. Attending Cityscape Global presents unparalleled opportunities to explore new avenues for foreign trade, to build diplomatic relations, strengthen existing economic ties, and promote culture and tourism. Network and connect with other governmental leaders from around the world and learn invaluable information around the Future of Living.

Why Cityscape Global is for you:


  • Why Smart Cities and Smart Communities are the way of the future
  • How Vision 2030 is changing the landscape of the Kingdom
  • The changes to foreign investment in Saudi


  • Valuable global insights from other governmental leaders
  • How technology is creating a more sustainable way of living
  • How the acceleration of Saudi is paving the way for the world


  • Master Developers
  • Greenfield owners
  • Investors
  • Architects


  • Future of Living Summit
    • Developers Forum – developing for developers: how technology is changing development
    • Accelerating the Kingdom – a focus on Saudi Arabia
    • Smart Cities for Tomorrow – a top to bottom look at future city development
    • Digital Transformation – using technology to better serve our needs

Join the conversation on the future of real estate across retail & commercial, hospitality & leisure, industrial and residential asset classes.


A space for local and international investors to network and invest in upcoming future projects in the GCC

  • CityscapeWIRE

A series of networking events expertly tailored to this dynamic community of female real estate professionals, the WIRE - Women In Real Estate - space welcomes women at all stages of their careers across the real estate industry