Visitor testimonials

"Cityscape Global is the best event for anything property related in the region. I’ve attended almost every year and it’s important for me to see what the developers’ latest projects are. Some of Dubai’s most iconic and impressive projects have been showcased here over the years and with the line-up I have seen so far, this year is no different."

"This is my first time visiting Cityscape Global and so far it has been a really positive experience. My aim for being here is to find some properties to invest in and this is the right platform for me to come and check on all the properties available in the market, and make an informed decision on what I buy."

"It’s great to see the continued success of Cityscape Global and I hope it carries on for many years to come. It provides us with many opportunities to link with developers and potential clients so we can grow our business not only in Dubai but in the region."

"This year has been awesome. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the new, impressive projects on display. For me, a highlight of the show has been the Jumeirah Central stand as it is a vast and ambitious project, and I look forward to seeing how it develops."

"For me, attending Cityscape Global has become an annual event. It is important for our business that I come down and see the latest developments, talk to clients and generate new business leads. There is no other event of this scale that offers you a chance to speak to so many people in the industry."

Finding new business opportunities at Cityscape Global
Discovering exciting new projects at Cityscape Global
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