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SIM – Smart Investment Map, Stand SAJ10

Exhibitor Dubai Land Department
Name of Project SIM – Smart Investment Map
Project Location Dubai
Total Floor Area in Square Meters


Completion Date May 1st, 2016
Is it being launched at the show? No 
  • -          Real Estate Developers
  • -          Real Estate Brokers
  • -          Owners
  • -          Tenants
  • -          Government Entities
  • -          Management Companies

Main Features:

  • -      Smart market place for real estate projects for developers and investors
  • -      Provide information about the real estate and real estate market for trading real estate from start to end using smart devices
  • -      Provide services for developers to market, list and sell their properties through a secure electronic portal
  • -      Provide correct and accurate data in terms of transparency and support of real estate investment decision
  • -      Increase the chances of attracting investors from different parts of the world to participate in support the national economy.
  • -      Accessible through all internet browsers and smart devices (Androids and IOS)

Investment Map portal/ smart market place was launched by Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Centre, the investment arm of Dubai Land Department to attract major investors for off-plan available projects. The Investment Map carries an integrated set of applications and Dubai real estate best practices in addition to Google's search tool that enable all investors and businessmen to access many investment project opportunities through their smart devices that will help them ease the decision making process and to transact online using secure government portal.

Investment Map represents the intelligent real estate market that allows complete operations of displaying and sale of real estate from start to finish using Internet browsers and smart devices (Android, IOS) Investment Map also allows developers to offer their projects to interested investors from all over the world, where Investment Map project was adopted in the design by Google Inc. practices.