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2024 Conferences

Cityscape Global 2024 — Where the city of tomorrow is shaped by the visionaries of today.

Future of Living Summit

As we journey through an era of  real estate advancements, this summit will steer towards a future where technology serves humanity, not the other way around. 

Explore The Soul of Cities, the creation of Human-Centric Communities, and the impact of Giga Developments & Destinations. Engage with the possibilities of Artificial Super Intelligence, immerse yourself in 360° Sustainable Innovation, and much more.

Asset Horizons Stage

Asset Horizons Stage is your gateway to turning strategies into real advantages in the challenging realm of asset ownership and development. Discover expert insights on future trends, navigate the complexities of regulations, and master investment optimization. Learn about asset maintenance and facility management to boost asset longevity and performance. 

Investors’ Forum

Decode the future of real estate investment at the exclusive Investor's Forum, reserved for invitees only. Join leading economists, SWFs, mutual funds, insurance companies, asset managers, and consultants in exploring untapped niches and alternative investment sectors.

Design & Architecture

Experience the forefront of design and architecture at our stage. Join luminaries at the Design & Architecture stage to chart a course toward smart, sustainable cities. Let's co-create the blueprint for a future where form meets function seamlessly. 


Welcome to the Future Build Stage at Cityscape Global, where the Future of Living unfolds before your eyes. This dynamic platform is designed for innovators: it offers a deep dive into the latest in construction technology, from groundbreaking machinery and robotics to advanced prefabrication techniques and innovative e-procurement tools. 


Dive into the PropTech Conference to explore blockchain, tokenization, and automated systems shaping real estate. Connect with industry leaders and innovators, shaping the future of real estate. Whether you're an investor, developer or stakeholder, be part of the conversation redefining the industry.

Innovation Arena

Engage with cutting-edge ideas and global trends at the Innovation Arena. Elevate your industry understanding through dialogues and competitions, shaping the future of real estate through immersive experiences.

Save the Date

Cityscape Global 2024 is your ticket to the pulse of urban transformation. Join us from 11 - 14 November at Exhibition & Convention Center - Malham - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Don't miss out on this succinct journey through the movers and shakers of urban development.